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About Alexandra Tinsman

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The core of who I am is based on the fundamental belief that we are all connected.


Collaboration, community, and connecting with others is at the heart of everything I do.  My passion for people is rooted in being high EQ, and empathetic. I am drawn to spaces that are based on bringing people together despite challenges - which is why I've devoted my professional life the past two decades to technology, gaming, leadership, and most recently, blockchain. 

When I'm not navigating remote teams, agile sprints, marketing deadlines, and global timezones, I'm photographing doors. Doorways are a powerful reminder that no matter where we are in our lives, there is always a path forward. 

I am also the proud mom of three crazy kids, a very large English Mastiff, and am happily married to an cryptoeconomist game designer responsible for creating gaming worlds many of your kids visit daily. 

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