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Cointelegraph Interview

Biggest Blockchain Topics to Follow in 2020

Unfortunately, we’re still talking about the biggest unsolved problem: governance. How should a decentralized project transparently protect the interests of stakeholders, partners and ensure a well-functioning development/product team? There’s been a lot of work in this area but there’s still no project you can point to and say, “They nailed it.” 


Japan Cointelegraph Interview

Analysis on Crypto & Economic Markets

Blockchain not only is a buzz word in IT or investment, but also is playing a crucial role in transforming healthcare. Ms. Alexandra Tinsman overviewed the near future of using blockchain and IoT to change medical system. “Healthcare in your pocket” medical solution is around the corner. 

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Lattice80 Article

LATTICE80 2019 Blockchain 100

LATTICE80 brings to you the 2019 edition of our Blockchain 100 list, where we showcase 100 leaders in the global blockchain community making their impact as startups, corporate, governments, or investors in the space.

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Podcast with Richard Jacobs

Round The Corner Future Technology 

How is technology transforming our lives for better or worse? From Bitcoin to 3D Printing to Blockchain to Virtual Reality and more. We discuss the trends shaping our future.

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Coinburp with Shaun Kemp

Women in Tech Series

Our Women in Crypto series has brought us to interview some extraordinary people making a noticeable difference in the crypto and blockchain arena and again take aback by yet another influential individual who's work amazed us. Alexandra Tinsman, the NEM Foundation President, has extensive marketing experience within the tech space before skyrocketing her career.

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NEM Developer Series

Interview With NEM's Core Developer Gimre

As you might have heard already, I’m one of NEM core Developers. Some backstory. We met on BTT in Jan 2014, in a thread related to JavaScript implementation of NXT signing and signature verification library.

UtopianFuture came with an idea of NEM chain, he initially wanted it to be a fork of NXT, but there were many things that we didn’t like in NXT’s codebase at that time. In Feb 2014 the first commit in NEM source code was made. 

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Coindesk Article

NEM Is Charting A Path Forward 

The request to release 210 million XEM (the native token of the NEM blockchain) from reserves was approved by key members of the community...“I think this is a vote of confidence that the industry is moving forward and that we’re ready to pivot to a very new way of working."

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Crypto Clothesline Interview

Blockchain Trends

This week we interview Alex Tinsman about blockchain trends, online gaming, and her experience in the space.

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Nikkei Asian Review Article

Blockchain Wins Backing In Japan As Libra Tips Scales

"Enterprises are not going to adopt a technology that is not going to ultimately help them with the cost-savings issue," said Alexandra Tinsman, NEM's president. "Enterprises are going to be using it for cost-savings and efficiency -- bottom line. If they can save money somewhere, they are going to do it."

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Authority Magazine

5 Things You Need To Know To Create a Successful App or SAAS

Listening to your audience, knowing your base — the importance of this core foundation can’t be overestimated. A lot of people have good ideas, but if there’s one thing I have learned throughout my career, it’s that a collaborative team working in tandem can get more done than any one person, no matter how motivated. 

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Cointelegraph Article

What Will Bitcoin’s Price Look Like in 2020?

Experts in the blockchan space weigh in on what the future holds for Bitcoin in 2020.


Gene Online News

Healthcare, IoT, & Blockchain Technology

Blockchain not only is a buzz word in IT or investment, but also is playing a crucial role in transforming healthcare. Ms. Alexandra Tinsman overviewed the near future of using blockchain and IoT to change medical system. “Healthcare in your pocket” medical solution is around the corner. 

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NEM Developer Series

Interview With NEM's Core Developer Bloody Rookie

One of the best things about being part of the NEM community is the talented people I’ve met and get the honor to work alongside. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing you to the NEM development team in a series of interviews to celebrate the release of the Catapult (mijin v.2) Preview Beta launch.

Business Meeting

Crowdfund Insider

Running A Foundation

...Companies in this space should be pivoting to be fiscally responsible. More blockchain companies should narrow their focus on development + how to sustain operations in a streamlined way to achieve results measured by ROI.

Internet of things , Blockchain network

NEM Developer Series

Interview With NEM Developer Aleix

Working alongside the core devs is a day-to-day challenge. They’ve been working together for years. In the past few months, I had to learn how to adapt to their speed and the development procedures quickly so as not to slow down the Catapult development. Almost nothing is assumed as valid until it is discussed and accepted after a good argument, that pushes you to give the best of yourself to keep the quality as high as possible.

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Interview With HackerNoon

Challenges & Opportunities with Blockchain

In this episode we discuss cryptocurrency adoption, difference between NEM, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and blockchain platform, and Foundation, gender role in crypto tech spheres, blockchain decentralization, NEM’s operation mindset and the future of NEM. 

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Cointelegraph Article

Development ‘On the Chain’ to Promote Off-Chain Blockchain Adoption?

What does the next decade hold for blockchain? Institutional adoption, portfolio diversification, fundraising schemes and IoT.

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Lattice80 Interview

Thriving Blockchain Could Still be Held Back by Regulations in 2023

Although the blockchain industry is still in its infancy, we expect to see a blockchain application boom in the next five years. Despite this, regulations and public understanding will be major challenges.

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Interview with Crowdfund Insider

Crowdfunding Using NEM Blockchain

The success of LuxTag’s fundraising round, from both a financial standpoint and a regulatory standpoint, further proves XEM’s use case as a viable, global cryptocurrency. We hope that LuxTag’s success will inspire further partners to integrate XEM into their operations. Similar to the Malaysian community, at NEM Foundation we create digital-first solutions that create accessible ramps so that traditional businesses can embrace flexible modes of payment like XEM.


Industry Panel CryptoBlockCon

Women In Blockchain 

There’s been a lot of talk on the internet about “Wow, there’s not enough women joining the blockchain space…it’s so hard. It’s a bros club.” And on the other side they’re saying, “Well, you know… you all have to take part.” So what really is the state of women in blockchain today? Are there barriers that are keeping women out or is it that women gotta step up?

Blockchain technology, digital software

NEM Developer Series

Interview With NEM's Core Developer Jaguar0625

I would encourage anyone serious to learn what a blockchain is and how it works. Read about what decentralization means and why it is not wise to fork even when a hacker steals coins. If a central entity is deciding on when to make forks, is anything really decentralized?

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NEM Flash Article

NEM Has A Savior And Her Name is Alex Tinsman

It appears that NEM’s new President, Alexandra Tinsman, is the real deal.

This makes a major difference because if NEM is under competent leadership and the community has the same perception of its leadership (which it does currently via sentiment checks on their new president; especially with their timely ‘Catapult’ update), then NEM may not only ascend to its former prominence, there is a chance it could shatter that ceiling.


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