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Project: Rebrand


Project #1 - Digital Online Network Rebrand


NEM Blockchain & Symbol From NEM

Project Overview: I led this project alongside the Better Way Brand Agency and peers with the goals of:

1.)  Defining and agreeing on the core philosophy that sits at the heart of the Codename: Catapult brand platform.

2.) Clarifying the core elements that sit at the heart of the proposition - why it exists, what makes it special, how it delivers, who it's for - and articulate those benefits to enterprise customers and other stakeholders.

3.) Bringing the brand narrative to life - verbally and visually. 

The brand refresh was overwhelmingly approved by key stakeholders and the final product is set to launch in December 2020.

> Live Project: Website

Project: Transmedia

Project #2 - Digital Online Network Transmedia

Inside NEM Blockchain Series

Project Overview: To create a transmedia educational series on the NEM blockchain platform and its ecosystem to help aid awareness and adoption of the open source technology.  

The series was the first of its kind and was translated into five languages including Japanese, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

The project included extensive research, content writing, storytelling, interviews, use cases, videos, video production, blog posts, articles, events, content strategy, and social media. The series helped grow the platform marketcap from 2 billion USD to over 9 billion USD in 2018.

In late 2020, the series rebranded as Inside Tokens.

> Final Project: YouTube / Twitter​

Project #3: Engagement

Project #3 - Digital Online Network Engagement


Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Brand Exploration 

Project Overview: The Pokémon International Trading Company hired me for a research project for new business opportunities for the Pokémon brand to engage lapsed players and keep advanced Pokémon TCG and online players challenged and interested. 

The project resulted in identifying key new platform extensions and opportunities that were later put into their product portfolio. The site was revamped based on the research findings outlined in the research project.

> Final Project: Website

Project #4: Grassroots

Project #4 - Grassroots Outreach & Community Building


Shawnee Kilgore & Joss Whedon Back To Eden Folklore Album 

Project Overview: To create the branding and visuals for the LP launch of Back To Eden, a music collaboration and story telling between folklore music artist Shawnee Kilgore and Joss Whedon, blockbuster creator of the Buffy the Vampire Series and the Avengers movies.

The project included photography, digital media and culminated with the launch of the LP at the Alamo Drafthouse (where I moderated the live Q&A with Shawnee and Joss.)

Final Project: Apple MusicWebsite + Music Store